Date: 19th June 2020
Animal Tag 20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine Mini
Origin: jiangshu wuxi, China HS Code: 8456110090 Model: EW-PLY-220B Machine category: fiber laser mini marking machine Trademark: EWLASER Style: accept custom or OEM Warranty: 2 years MOQ: according to agreement Animal tag 20w fiber laser marking machine miniFor animal tag 20w fiber laser marking machine mini, which uses laser to mark two-dimensional codes for animal ear tags, and can also be used for animal quarantine marking. Wearing two-dimensional code ear tags for livestock is one of the common animal identification methods on the farm. We can view the whole process of animals from birth to final consumption at any time through the identification function of ear tags. Laser marking machines are generally used to mark bar codes on ear tags. Some market regulatory authorities also use laser marking machines to mark the quarantine mark instead of the easy-to-forge seal quarantine mark, helping citizens to more quickly identify whether meat is qualified meat from regular slaughterhouses. The laser marking machine puts the "identity card" on the pig. The laser beam with high energy density is controlled by the computer. It passes through the pork skin at high speed, causing instant burns on the surface of the pig skin and vaporization, leaving burns on the surface of the pig skin. pattern. Product advantages: 1. Excellent beam quality, can achieve super high quality marking. 2. High-speed scanning head, fast marking speed. 3. Full air cooling, no consumables, no maintenance, low cost and power saving. 4. Overall modular design, small size, light and portable.
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