Date: 19th June 2020
Bar Code Label Laser Marking Machine
Bar code label UV QR code marking As the consumer market continues to evolve, it also promotes the growth of the bar code label industry. Because more and more places need to use labels and barcodes. Today, bar code and automatic identification systems and data acquisition technologies continue to play a vital role. Whether in the logistics industry or on the packaging of goods, the barcodes are printed by printing machines. Nowadays, the printer is used to do barcode code processing. The barcode UV laser printer can provide a complete set of professional solutions for various material identification codes. The variable data printer that is specially designed for barcodes can print high definition on various types of daily chemical products, and solve the problem on the products for customers. Code this puzzle. In order to meet the needs of market bar code assignment, the function of the printer has also been greatly improved. In addition to simple numbers, letters, graphics, patterns, etc., variable data (barcode, QR code) can also be printed. , quantum cloud code, rainbow code, etc.) information assignment, through the UV laser printer online printing barcode, two-dimensional code and other information recognition rate can reach more than 90%, variable QR code has a strong attachment Focus on the printing effect is clear, while ensuring the quality of the coding, it also enhances the brand image of the product.
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