Date: 19th June 2020
Drug Label Laser Marking Machine
The hygiene and safety of the drug itself is very important, but the packaging of the drug is also very important. The quality of pharmaceutical packaging is very strict. Every process must be rigorously checked without any minor errors, as any minor errors can lead to unqualified drug quality. In the medical industry, product safety and hygiene have always been the focus of attention. In general, toxic identification methods do not allow access to drug identification levels. Laser marking technology is a method of marking a surface of a pharmaceutical packaging material with a high-energy density laser to vaporize the surface of the drug packaging material or chemically react with the color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. The entire process does not come into contact with the workpiece being processed, and it does not waste material or pollute the environment. It can be said that laser marking is a green marking method. It not only has a fast processing speed, it is molded at one time, and it does not require subsequent processing. It is more efficient and at the same time saves a variety of costs. In addition, the logo packaging is beautiful and beautiful, and does not affect economic benefits. Directly mark the specifications on the drug, etc., so that it becomes part of the drug itself. For example, the capsule mark, the previous mark method of the medicine capsule we eat is ink printing, and the ink printing directly touches the ink on the capsule. Although these inks are small, they directly damage the human body. The laser marking technology can effectively avoid this defect, and can engrave text and drawings on the drug capsule, and successfully treat the ink contamination caused by the symbol of the medicine. Compared with the traditional ink printing machine, laser marking does not require any consumables, and the printed medicine has no toxic and side effects. It saves ink and other consumables costs for capsules and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and effectively ensures the recording of drug information and anti-counterfeiting labels. Edible safety. The laser marking on the box is a simple and clean way to identify text, barcodes or images without the need for consumables. Laser encoders can create completely permanent codes and often identify multiple adjacent products during the move. Vials: Laser encoders are an effective way to create permanent marks directly on the surface of a bottle or cap. Laser marking technology uses a small mirror or galvanometer to direct the laser beam to directly engrave or ablate the ink surface on the plastic bottle label. Labels: Laser coders can be used to ablate special pre-printed "marking windows" on labels, providing clear coding while reducing operating costs by reducing the consumables required. Flexible materials: Laser marking systems can be used to mark a variety of blister materials. Properly specified and installed laser marking systems make it easy to print high quality code for multiple packaging lines.
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